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Welcome to Royal Street Capital Management

Over a decade ago, Royal Street Capital Management was started as an ambition to provide a memorable level of client service rather than the level of service that was previously provided when working for a corporation. Because we strive for the best client care over chasing required corporate numbers, each of our clients is always provided as much time as necessary for their important concerns.

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Just like Mark Twain’s famous saying, when it comes to investment and retirement planning, we believe that the sooner in life someone catches the trade wind in their sails, the greater the chance of arriving at one’s goal planning destination, along with being glad they took that leap of faith and trust in working with someone rather than remaining tethered to not wanting to make that first step. 

Sometimes the first step is the hardest step. Through our company, and our combined 30 years of financial services experience, we can introduce you to a world of possibilities that can effectively address a myriad of your personal investment and retirement goals, as well as help you discover important areas of interest that you may not have been aware of previously.

Similar to the deliberate and slow speed that a steamboat uses to reach its destination, we believe effective investment and retirement planning requires a consistent and measured approach when it comes to transporting one’s goals from beginning to end.

Our hope is to earn your faith and trust, and to assist you on that journey.

Despite the air of immediacy that seems to be so prevalent and desired today, there is still a lot to be said for the true value of using a steady and measured approach through-out life, both literally and metaphorically.

While in my twenties, I used to work long hours as a porter on one of the last remaining overnight passenger steamboats left in the U.S., which was the Mississippi Queen. Compared to other forms of travel, there is a uniquely steady and plodding pace that a steamboat possesses, and I’ve always thought that pace translated well for passengers to have a relaxing and serene time when they were “steamboating” as a way of travel.

The good “steamboating” times occurred even though travelling up and down the Mississippi River for days at a time was sometimes a slow and unpredictable way to travel, as strong currents and sand barges in the river during low tides literally held up and sometimes even delayed the boat from moving at all. Despite those occurrences from time to time, instead of worry, passengers simply chose to remain relaxed, all the well knowing they would get to where they were going in due time because there was an experienced riverboat pilot at the helm, and that these unpredictable elements merely were inherent of this unique and charming mode of travel that they had deemed worthwhile to have chosen.

We believe that through our collective experience, a genuine focus on client service, and the steady and consistent approach we offer through Royal Street Capital Management, despite the occasional surprising ups and downs of economies and the stock markets, our clients will always enjoy the care they receive from us while also having the confidence in knowing they have chosen steady professionals that can always be relied upon to help guide them towards their goals.

We do hope you enjoyed the analogies here, and we thank you for your consideration in working with us to help you with YOUR journey to important investment and retirement goals through Royal Street Capital Management.

Michael L. Davis

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