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Michael Davis

Investment Director | Professional Dossier

Experience: Michael Davis is the Investment Director of Royal Street Capital Management.   He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The University of New Orleans and also graduated with his MBA, possessing a Finance concentration, from Tulane University, also in New Orleans, LA.   His previous investment experience began in 1997, and includes obtaining Series 7 and 66 registrations as well as managing individual and business accounts.   He recently obtained his Series 24 registration.  All of these registrations are currently held with LPL Financial.

Focus: Michael utilizes the resources of LPL Financial to offer investment recommendations involving investment portfolios that are suitable for a client’s particular risk tolerance and time horizon.   For clients who have an appetite for owning individual equities, Michael also personally manages a stock portfolio which typically holds between 20 to 25 positions.   For clients with additional planning concerns, Michael utilizes the resources at LPL Financial to assist clients with concerns ranging from Financial Planning, Trusts, Insurance, Banking Services, to Income Tax and Estate Tax minimization, along with general wealth accumulation.

Approach:  Michael believes in a thorough investment process: First, determine a client’s goals and objectives.  Second, evaluate the client’s needs, concerns and risk tolerances.  Third, develop a long-term portfolio strategy using appropriate investment vehicles consistent with the client’s risk.  Fourth, implement a plan designed to pursue those goals.  Fifth, provide an exemplary level of service in maintaining and updating the plan when necessary.

Consistency:  Michael maintains excellent client relationships through providing consistent communication with timely phone calls and emails.    He also meets with clients on a regular basis to review current accounts and circumstances and to discuss any new circumstances that may have arisen that need to be considered as part of the continued maintenance of client accounts.

Jean Pierre Bienvenu

Wealth Manager/Partner | Professional Dossier

Experience: Jean Pierre Bienvenu is a Wealth Manager and Partner at Royal Street Capital Management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1997. His previous experience in Financial Services began in 1997, starting immediately after graduating from Loyola. He currently holds his Series 7 and Series 66 registrations, and the Life, Health, Accident Insurance license in Louisiana. He’s managed assets for individuals and business accounts , as well as providing insurance planning. He has a broad back ground which include being a Private Banker, Investment Advisor and working with a prominent employee benefits company (handling employee retirement plans and planning). His securities registrations are held with LPL Financial and his insurance license is held with the state of Louisiana.

Focus: Jean Pierre utilizes a holistic approach to financial planning, which involves an intimate understanding of the many aspects that make up his client’s financial lives; applying objective, tailored investment advice, segmented or comprehensive planning, through understanding the financial and life goals that his clients would like to work towards. He draws on more than a decade of experience, as well as the volumes of information and resources that LPL Financial provides. Also, if the recommendations he provides call for additional professionals, referrals to that end will be made. Most importantly, the action plan that is decided upon by Jean Pierre and his clients must be executed and amended through the years (or by life changing events) with the goal of increasing the probability that Financial Independence is reached.

Approach: Jean Pierre knows everyone’s economic and life situations are unique and knowing this creates the foundation for his approach. The process he uses involves a six point approach: One, he determines his client’s financial situation; two, he gains an understanding of his client’s financial goals; three, he identifies alternative courses of action; four, he evaluates alternatives; five, he creates and implements a financial action plan; and lastly, he re-evaluates and revises that plan as his clients lives and situations change.

Consistency: Jean Pierre is accessible and available to his clients. This is accomplished by strong and pro-active communication, which include returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner. He meets with his clients on a frequent and regular basis to ascertain that the strategy being executed is appropriate and in line with his clients goals.