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Royal Street Company Purpose

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for taking the time to read about the purpose of my company, as it is greatly appreciated. My name is Michael Davis, and I work as the Investment Director for Royal Street Capital Management. My initial goal is to listen to what your investment concerns are, ascertain your personal risk tolerances, and then employ an effective investment strategy for you.  My long term goal is to always have my company represent the tenants of conscious capitalism for the benefit of my clients and to further a positive image for the financial services industry.

One reason I started Royal Street Capital Management is to attempt to provide a level of service that I feel is superior to the service I was able to provide in working for a corporation.  It is of paramount importance to me to be able to provide a level of service and follow up that is truly exemplary and memorable for my clients.  Another goal of mine is to obtain enough clients through trust and outstanding follow through so that I may make a fair living while giving back to the community through my company.  To achieve this goal, as the principal of Royal Street Capital Management, I have control as to how many clients my firm will take on, and will see to it that all clients are more than ably cared for.

In summary, my complete vision of achieving conscious capitalism in my industry includes having more than satisfied clients, giving back to the community, and making a fair living.  To me, this vision will always trump a common notion of trying to take on as many clients as possible just for the sake of trying to earn as much profit as possible.  In the long run, in my opinion, this notion compromises one’s ability to provide the high level of client service that I believe stewards of my industry should all aspire to providing.

As a result of my commitment to succeed as a conscious capitalism company, you will always be able to count upon me to have the time to provide a focused effort of exemplary service in helping pursue your investment goals.

Thank you for your consideration in working with me.

Best regards,

Michael L. Davis
Royal Street Capital Management